Inspiring Product Designer Portfolios with Impressive Case Studies

A product designer’s portfolio serves as a window into their creative world. It’s a canvas where they showcase their UI/UX design skills. Designers present their innovative ideas in their portfolios. They can also tell us what they have learned throughout their creative journey by sharing work experiences.

An impressive product designer portfolio is a true reflection of its artists’ versatility. Examining the best case studies related to those portfolios is the best way to learn from their passion, but first, let us briefly explain the essence of an impressive product designer portfolio.

What points make them stand out from the rest?

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Inspiring Product Designer Portfolios

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The Essence of an Impressive Portfolio

An impressive portfolio is more than a collection of creative works, it is a story, a testament to talent, innovation, and problem-solving abilities. It represents a designer’s evolution, expertise, and distinct design perspective. The essence of a strong portfolio is its ability to captivate its readers. Communicate with the visitor through a work showcase. 

What makes a product designer’s portfolio impressive?

How can someone new to this field create an impressive portfolio to land a job or an opportunity?


An impressive portfolio is carefully curated. It features a carefully chosen selection of projects that demonstrate versatility, depth, and mastery of various design disciplines. Each project should be a work of art. It should represent a unique challenge and solution.


Tell a story of your work life through your portfolio. It should outline the problem a designer aims to solve. then delve into the creative process used. In the end, the designer should conclude with an impactful solution. Storytelling engages the viewer. It fosters a connection to and understanding of the design journey.

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The emphasis on problem-solving is a distinguishing feature of an impressive portfolio. It demonstrates a designer’s ability to solve difficult problems. Designers should be able to uncover insights and create elegant solutions. Each project demonstrates how design thinking was applied to real-world problems.

Process Transparency

Transparency in the design process is key. A portfolio of an inspiring product designer reveals the steps taken. Every detail, from initial sketches and wireframes to prototypes and iterations, should be explained by the designer. It shows the careful refining that takes place behind the scenes and gives a glimpse into the evolution of an idea.


 A human-centric approach is associated with design. This principle is represented by an impressive portfolio. It emphasizes the attention paid to user needs, preferences, and behaviors. The portfolio should demonstrate how the designer designs with empathy for the user’s experience.


Innovation is the beating heart of an impressive portfolio. It is all about pushing boundaries. Designers are attempting novel approaches. They are open to new technologies. The portfolio should represent how a designer approaches traditional problems with new eyes.

Visual Excellence 

Visual presentation is a vital part of a strong portfolio. An impressive product designer’s portfolio employs clean design. He should include high-quality visuals and illustrations. It ensures that the portfolio itself reflects the design acumen it aims to convey.

Results and Impact

The results provide conclusive evidence of an impressive portfolio’s effectiveness. It measures the positive impact of each project, whether it is increased user engagement, higher conversion rates, or industry recognition.

Continual Growth

A strong portfolio is a snapshot of a designer’s journey. It should be flexible. It reflects growth and adaptability. It should show a commitment to constant improvement. The portfolio becomes proof of the designer’s evolution with each new design and experience that becomes part of it.

In a nutshell, an impressive portfolio is a jumble of creativity, innovation, and expertise. It serves as a link between a designer’s vision and the audience’s comprehension. Creating such a portfolio necessitates a plethora of ideas, passion, and the ability to communicate not only visually but also through the essence of design itself.

Product Designer Portfolios Showcasing Case Studies

1. Simon Pan

Simon Pan is a renowned product designer based in San Francisco. He worked with many brands like Amazon, Uber, and Medium to enhance their User Experiences. Understanding his customers’ needs and psychology is an exceptional quality of his work. Simon is currently working with Google. 

Case Study: Amazon Prime Music App

One of many case studies Simon Pan has included in his portfolio is working with the Amazon Prime Music App. He redesigned the music app to enhance the user experience. Simon came up with detailed user research. He developed empathy between team members by better-knowing the client’s persona.

2. Karolis Kosas

Karolis Kosas is a product designer at Stripe. Kosas is a seasoned designer currently living on the bay side of San Francisco. His detailed portfolio is a mirror of his professionalism towards his work. Karolis Kosas is very well aware of the pain points of his users.

Case Study: CUJO Project

CUJO is a cyber security device that solves customers’ online security issues. It’s an elegant and simple device with a minimal approach. Karolis Kosas has increased the app’s MAUs and retention with thorough research and prototyping.

3. Anfisa

Anfisa is a Prague-based UX designer. She is also a freelance content creator and trainer. Anfisa’s portfolio revolves around her design philosophy. Her portfolio is quite simple, with a clean interface. She conducts research and validates her clients.

Case Study: Atlanta Meal Prep

Anfisa has incorporated detailed case studies about her work experiences. Atlanta Meal Prep is one of them. It is a food delivery service in Atlanta. Her main goal in redesigning the food app was to improve service usability and design tools for user retention. She enhanced the app interface with clear designs and a sophisticated approach.

4. Samuel Medvedowsky

Samuel Medvedowsky is a French interaction designer currently working at Metalab. He is also a co-founder of a climbing product and design manufacturer called Deltaboard. Samuel has worked with many small and big companies to enhance their usability. In his portfolio, he shared his work experiences in detail.

Case study: Sorare

Crafting products with world-class magic!

Sorare is an iOS fantasy gaming app. Samuel Medvedowsky and his team have added the NBA and MLB to the sports app for an enjoyable user experience. He designed Sorare from scratch, enhancing their web experience and supporting the redefining of their brand identity.

5. Yarn Edern Gillet

Yarn Edern Gillet is a UX designer living in Paris, France. He is a passionate product designer who has worked with Abu Dhabi’s executive office, Warner Bros., Wable, and many other renowned clients. When you walk through his portfolio, he has shared every bit of information about himself and his work. From childhood inspiration to adult fascination, Gillet’’s profile will amaze you with every detail.

Case Study: Specify Figma Widget

Like many other product designers, Yarn Edern Gillet has also included case studies. He has shared a live broadcast of his work. Improving design token usage for designers on Figma is an amazing case study we have selected to discuss here. In June 2022, Figma released Widgets, which can show pertinent data and perform actions without opening a plugin. Yarn and his team revamp the user experience, improve token quality, and identify pain points.

6. Alex Lakas

Alex Lakas is an illustrator turned UX designer currently working in Los Angeles. He worked with many well-known names like Google Maps, Nintendo, LinkedIn, and UNO. Alex has incorporated a dark and bold color palette throughout his portfolio. 

Case Study: Hatch

Hatch made freelancing easy and comfortable for its users. Alex improved app quality and usability with visual redesigning and prototyping. He enables freelancers to easily send contacts and get paid in just a few steps. Alex Lakas collaborates with other team designers through micro-interactions.

7. Marcos Rezende

Born in Brazil, Marcos Rezende is a self-taught UX designer. He is a specialized product analyst. Marcos has a keen interest in strategic thinking and a knack for innovation. He is currently working with a world-class SaaS data provider, Qlik. He’s also sharing his design experiences with students all over the world. He chooses a black background for his portfolio, with dark color palettes to stand out.

Case Study: Covid-19 Dashboard for Ontario, Canada

Marcos Rezende took on the challenge of revamping the COVID-19 dashboard for local residents. The main focus of the dashboard design was to provide critical information to users. He improved the readability of the data. Marcos makes it easier for users to find organized information one step away.

8. Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta is a product designer and tech enthusiast based in San Francisco. She started her journey in computer engineering, which later turned into User Experience. She has redesigned many web apps on her own for an enhanced user experience. Her portfolio is the best example of recreating any work and adding it to your portfolio. She is also an active blogger and social media user. 

Case Study: Sephora iOS App

As a fan of skincare products, Priyanka Gupta selected the cosmetic e-commerce shop Sephora. After using Sephora’s web app religiously, she found trouble navigating through it.  After observing that other people were also facing the same problem, Gupta took it as an opportunity to redesign the user experience. Through user testing and research, she found the solution to make Sephora easy to use for its customers.


These 8 product designer portfolios serve as shining examples of creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. Their case studies not only demonstrate exceptional skills but also show the power of thoughtful design to leave a lasting impression. Aspiring designers can take inspiration from these portfolios to create their own stories that will leave an indelible mark on the ever-changing world of design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Inspiring Product Designer Portfolios

Design portfolios play a pivotal role in showcasing a designer’s skills and creativity. Below, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to provide clarity and insights into creating inspiring product designer portfolios.

1. What is the significance of a product designer’s portfolio?

A product designer’s portfolio is a curated collection of your best work, showcasing your design skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking. It serves as a visual representation of your expertise and can make a strong impression on potential employers, clients, or collaborators.

2. How do I choose which projects to include in my portfolio?

Select projects that demonstrate a range of skills and abilities. Showcase projects that align with the type of work you’re seeking. Prioritize those with strong outcomes, interesting challenges, and a clear design process.

3. What elements should I include in my case studies?

A comprehensive case study should include the problem you aimed to solve, your design process (research, ideation, iteration), visual and interactive prototypes, user testing insights, and the final solution. Highlight the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

4. How many projects should I include in my portfolio?

Quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to have a smaller number of well-documented and impressive projects than to overload your portfolio. Aim for around 6-8 strong case studies.

5. How can I make my portfolio stand out?

Focus on storytelling. Explain the problem, the process, and the impact of each project. Use visuals, such as sketches, wireframes, and high-fidelity designs, to guide the viewer through your process. Keep the design of your portfolio clean and user-friendly.

6. Should I include personal projects in my portfolio?

Absolutely. Personal projects can showcase your passion, creativity, and initiative. They can also fill gaps in your professional work, especially if you’re just starting your career.

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